College Online: Learning In Your Jammies

College Online: Learning In Your Jammies

For some people, heading to college is fun, exciting and rewarding. For others, it is nearly impossible, with the responsibilities of family, work and other commitments. For these people, thankfully, there is another option, the online college. The requirements are simple: a computer, the desire to learn and the right online college and curriculum.

Many of the traditional schools are offering more and more distance learning courses, so even if you are already enrolled in college, you may be able to switch to this fast growing alternative. Online college courses will allow those people who do not have the time or patience for a regular class to begin or finish their education.

But, what can you possibly learn in an online education? Just about anything, actually. The courses that are offered cover nearly everything offered by a brick and mortar school. The advantages of online college are huge beginning with possible lowered tuition courses and ending with a more satisfying educational experience. Those advantages are:

1. The lower tuition. Because there is less of an overhead to deal with, online colleges can offer a substantial savings over traditional schools.

2. Grants, loans and scholarship eligible. Most online colleges are accredited, (you must check this first) so they are eligible for federal and state loans, grants and scholarships. The admissions office can give your further information.

3. Scheduling is up to you. For the most part, online college allows you to set your own schedule. An assignment is given with a deadline and you plan when you will work on it, for how long and when you will turn it in. Most require a log in at least twice a week, but if you are able to log in daily, that is even better. Because most courses give you the entire assignment schedule, you can work ahead when you are able and turn in work as it comes due, further reducing your stress factors.

4. Learning is accomplished at your own speed. Online college allows you to read through an assignment as many times as you need to understand the material. If you are having troubles, you can email the instructor for additional help.

5. You only compete with yourself. For some people, college becomes a constant struggle to fight for the best grade- against an entire classroom of others. In online school, you compete with yourself.

Going to college online will allow you to continue to work and fulfill your family obligations while finishing or beginning your education.