English To French Words:-Taking The Ugly Out Of Ugly Words

English To French Words:-Taking The Ugly Out Of Ugly Words

There are plenty of words that we say every day, even to those that we probably should at least like and more likely, should love, that are harsh and ugly sounding. They are vicious, vitriolic words, said in little fits of anger and rage, words that we might very well regret sometime shortly after we said them, but it is too late once the words fly from our lips. If we learn to translate some English to French words, then we can take the harsher edge off of them and make them easier to swallow.

That isnt to say that the French dont curse, they certainly do. And it is not to say that the only thing that the French ever say is sweet and romantic, they can be just as vicious as any other culture. But, if you are a student stuck in a boring class or an adult stuck in an even more boring meeting for the job that pays your mortgage payment every month, then using English to French words may keep you from getting into hot water or worse!

A word of warning to the wise though: keep in mind that others may know the same little tricks as you and may know the same insults, slings and arrows and the same naughty little words in French. Always keep that in mind before you let the French tongue get the better of your mind.

Before anyone gets the idea that all English to French words come out sounding better, lighter or prettier, consider these facts: since many of the words that we use right now are already French, they will be no help at all.

Some French words sound and are spelled pretty much the same way regardless of the language. And there is something even more tricky those Frenchmen are up to: some of their words, whether they are English to French words or not mean something completely different, even when they sound or are spelled completely the same. You could say something quite dastardly when all you wanted to say was that you kissed a new gal. you could be calling your grandmamma an old biddy when you are trying to say something rather nice to her. You wouldnt really want to call her an old biddy, right?

Some English to French words just sound dirty or more nasty than they really are. You can use a completely innocuous French word that doesnt really mean anything terrible in place of the nastier English word that you would probably like to use in any given situation.

You can use a French word that actually does mean something a little feisty and keep your fingers crossed that no one knows what it means. You can spit out a pretty sounding but completely filthy pejorative in French and pray that they do know exactly what you just said. The words you use are going to be remembered exactly because you chose to use English to French words.