Five Tips For Planning Prom Decorations And Events

Five Tips For Planning Prom Decorations And Events

April, May and June usher in prom season. Teachers and others in charge of planning prom decorations for this gala affair can follow a few basic tips to make this enormous task easier on themselves and for all those who labor away behind the scenes.

Plan for Prom Early

There is no such thing as getting started on prom preparations early. Even while working on last year's gala, wise were those who made notes, revamped lists and kept the next year's event in mind. Guidelines and notations help incoming people avoid pitfalls and needless frustration. After all, that incoming prom adviser may all too well be you – once again.

Delegate Responsibilities Effectively

Many hands make light work. Effective delegation goes along with constructive suggestions. Rally helpers, including other faculty members and students, who can carry part of the load. Many of them have creative abilities that will improve overall results. Still others claim to have no creative juices, but once they get started, their ideas and willingness to work in assorted areas brings far-reaching improvements in planning prom activities from the first time the word appears on the daily bulletin to discarding that last stray strand of tinsel.

Double Check and Triple Check Every Aspect of Prom Plans

Things go wrong. Expect mishaps. Plan for them. Recheck dates, contracts, parking arrangements, caterer's expectations, music provider's arrival times, photography area plans and individual committee progress. Discovering rips and tears in the overall plan early are fixable. Discovering holes at the last minute can produce devastating results. By all means, check in with school administration often to know what's going on in their minds. One nix from them can mean having to undo plans and disappoint students who have built up expectations (they do get carried away) and taken ownership of individual areas.

Choose a Generic Prom Theme

Students come up with theme ideas based on popular songs, movies, music videos and posters they read on a wall somewhere. When time arrives to decorate for a theme that has been handed to you, the question, “How do we carry out this theme?” quickly turns into “How in the h*** do we carry out this theme?” Some themes are too difficult, too expensive or just plain too time-consuming to execute effectively. Selecting a generic prom theme, or at least a broad one, allows individual groups to include those little ideas as part of an overall picture without sticking you with leftover areas to fill in with more of the same. A generic theme is more likely to allow for a place to use donated party decorations and supplies a generous parent or teacher offers you from their own recent event.

Begin Prom Planning With the End in Mind

What marks the end of every prom? Besides treasured memories, that is? Prom cleanup. That's right. Prom planning , prom decorations and other prom committees should keep cleanup in mind as they construct elaborate displays, set up tables and haul in trees, sand and fill swimming pools with water. Plan and execute decorations that take little time to disassemble and dispose of.

Planning prom decorations and activities can be the most dreaded words of the school year; however, they need not be. Those teachers with experience in planning and carrying out the most complicated event of the year know how far these tips, and others, go in helping planning and making the most of precious hours leading up to it.

Wise are those teachers and committee chairpersons who get started on prom planning early, anticipate that things will go wrong and prevent disasters ahead of time.