Four Ways Graduates Show Their College Spirit

Four Ways Graduates Show Their College Spirit

After graduating from college many people continue to show their college spirit. Whether they display a Custom Flag that they bought at their college flag store or purchase college merchandise, people’s loyalty is apparent and strong long after they graduate. There are four main ways people continue to exhibit this spirit and dedication to their universities. These ways are donating money to their school, becoming members of their alumnae organization, purchasing season tickets to sporting events and going back for homecoming events.

Monetary donations that Alumnae make to their colleges are the number one most meaningful way their school recognizes the spirit of their graduates. Millions of dollars are donated every year from graduates to help fund new programs, support current operating budgets and award new scholarships to incoming students. There are entire departments within every university that are dedicated to reaching out to loyal supporting graduates. Often when graduates have secured employment they are ready to give back to the organization that helped them get to where they are in their present financial state. By donating money, graduates are showing their school spirit, as well as their appreciation for the assistance they received while attending their university.

One of the departments within every university consists of a group of people who are solely dedicated to their alumnae. People who remain loyal to their schools often join these alumnae organizations as a way to stay close and informed to the happenings on their campus. These alumnae groups hold social functions, seminars and campus tours for its members throughout the year. Often the graduates who are members of this group will also be given priority to showings of new buildings, art openings, performances and sporting events all held on campus. In addition to these benefits, being a member of an alumnae organization is also very helpful in professional networking.

A third thing that many graduates will do to show their school spirit is purchase season tickets to their university sporting events. This is a fun and social way for them to see all of the action on a field while exhibiting their school affiliation. For instance, many people who live in the Cincinnati area who went to the University of Cincinnati now are season ticket holders to both basketball and football. They will attend home games, tailgate in sanctioned areas and wear red and black to show how much they still appreciate their college roots. By owning season tickets they have numerous times to be on campus, with currently enrolled students to show their UC pride.

All schools also have a homecoming celebration. This is typically a weekend that is filled with fun activities for loyal alumnae to participate and enjoy. Many graduates who continue to have loyalty to their university will come in from out of town or drive many miles just to be with their old college friends during this special weekend. It is one of the most apparent ways that college graduates exhibit their continued support and dedication to their school.