How To Lucid Dream

How To Lucid Dream

Here is the article everyone has been waiting for, how to lucid dream. You have probably read my other on article on What is lucid dream? and for this article Id like to focus on how to induce it. You will find a series of steps you would follow to help you become lucid in a dream.

Lets talk about our first step. Begin asking yourself, Am I dreaming? If you begin to ask yourself enough during the daytime repeatedly, chances are you will remember to ask yourself when you dream.

Keeping a journal of your dreams is probably the most important step of lucid dreaming. Have a journal by the side of your bed so you can write your dreams down immediately after waking up from your dream. Be careful not to wait too long before writing your dreams down or your dreams will begin to fade out of memory. Alternatively you can have a recording device if that makes it easier for you. If you cant remember your dreams then you wont be able to remember if you are lucid. So remember and write down your dreams!

Know what the best time there is to have lucid dreams so you can arrange your sleep pattern to help induce lucid dreaming. Some studies suggested that a nap a few hours after waking up in the morning is the most common time to induce lucid dreams. Another thing to remember is that dreams usually runs in 60 minutes cycles and if you are trying to remember some of your dreams, you should try to wake yourself up during one of these cycles since the dream right before you wake up is the one you often remember most.

Here is something else to keep in mind if you want to induce lucid dreaming . Get in a habit of doing reality checks. Doing at least three reality checks every time something seems strongly frustrating, out of the ordinary, or when things dont make sense to you. If you get in a habit of doing this, chances are you will remember to do it while you are dreaming. One reality check I like to use is to look at a digital clock. A number is never the same when you look at it again in a dream. So when you look at a digital clock, make sure that it stays constant. You can do this with text you see in the dream as well. Another reality check is pinching your nose to see if you can breathe. If you can breathe then you are dreaming! Another one you may want to try and do is lean against a wall. A lot of times when you lean against a wall in a dream, you often fall right through it.

Dreams lucidity isnt a difficult thing to achieve. Just remember these very few things. Keep a journal of your dreams and remember your dreams. Know when lucid dreams occur while you sleep so you can adjust your sleep pattern accordingly. Then last but not least, remember to work on your reality checks. Good luck with your lucid dreams.