Last Minute Elementary Science Project Ideas- A Nightmare For Parents

Last Minute Elementary Science Project Ideas- A Nightmare For Parents

It does not take much for all those parent memories to come rolling back when it comes to last-minute homework assignments, particularly for all those elementary science project ideas you had to come up with at the last-minute. You can remember how the anger bursts out of you and all those horrible things you said to your poor darling child. Quick to recover, you get into salvage mode and you get started on what really ends up being a one day science fair project.

The sad thing is that there are awesome quick and easy science fair project ideas out there that can easily be done in one day . What we are talking about is when you hear those dreaded words, “By the way mom, I have a science fair project due tomorrow…” Lets just say those are not the kind of elementary science project ideas you have stashed in a drawer somewhere!

Here are a few of the key things that make this a nightmare:

The Time Factor– This is the killer issue. Not only will you be giving up whatever else was planned for that evening, including dinner, but working while feeling time slipping away ends up being less efficient. Expect it to be a late night!

The Supply Search– The odds are good that you will not have all of the supplies you need on hand, so a quick trip to the store has to be squeezed in. This just adds to the stress. Hopefully some things can get organized while you run to the store.

The Emotional Drain– Save all the lectures for another time. Once you get through that immediate burst, you have to keep things calm and focused. If you are upset, your child will be too. There is no time for tears in this situation! Keep everything on the positive side and keep letting them know that this kind of one day elementary science project ideas have been done many times before and everything will be fine.

What’s a Parent to Do?

When a parent has to come up with a quick elementary science project ideas to start and finish all in one night, they probably will go straight to the Internet. There will be millions of results for a wide variety of home science project for kids to do with 24 hours or less. You not only need ana good project but you need the research, you data collections and reporting sheets, and you need one you can be confident will actually work. This is where a digital download comes in, you want one that is teacher tested and kid approved. You don’t want to have to pay through your teeth , but at the same time it will probably cost you something. This cuts your search time down and leaves more time to do the project. If you can find a good supply of elementary science project ideas all in one spot, you might be prepared for the next time this happens.

I maintain a website at One Day Science Fair Projects with tips and advice for parents who not only are in need of quick and easy science fair projects , but it also has examples of some great elementary science fair project ideas to make your science fair project a fun time.