Learning Spanish Hiding Behind A Drape?

Learning Spanish Hiding Behind A Drape?

A Spanish high school teacher apparently has great success with her teaching methods. The teacher herself came to US from Puerto Rico and had to learn English as an adult. Her own experience with English has helped her to understand the needs of her own students.

Learning Spanish – Don’t be embarrassed

Some of the biggest obstacles for anyone learning a foreign language is probably the embarrassment of making mistakes. Anyone that just speaks regardless of the outcome will learn a foreign language much faster than anyone else.

To save the Students from embarrassment, she uses hand puppets to teach them Spanish. She teaches Spanish in immersion fashion in other words all they hear in class is Spanish. They hear the Spanish words before they see them in writing and according to the teacher this helps a lot with pronunciation. In their first year the students make puppets and then in puppet show style have conversations while behind a drape.

Once the Students become more comfortable with Spanish the drape would then be taken away, but they will continue there conversations with their puppets. She insists that the students lose their fear of speaking Spanish this way. By engaging the students in all sorts of activities in her class, learning Spanish is perceived as something fun and interesting.

She does however start off her course by speaking English too, but by the end of their freshman year all the students speak and write Spanish in class. By immersing the students in Spanish she achieves a much higher rate of success.

By the end their first two years of their instruction they will have put in the material of three years and after four years they will have learnt five years of material. She engages the class in popular discussions like politics, drugs etc. encouraging them to speak about whatever they would speak in English to speak in Spanish.

Learning Spanish – Should be fun

Her students say that there is never a boring moment in class and at the end of the course she has a 100% pass rate in oral exams. This is another example of a teaching style that will always bear success. We all know of friends that spent five years at college learning a foreign language with nothing to show after those years simply because it was tedious and boring.

The mere fact that they can be engaged and interact, students will enjoy the experience, and whatever it is they must learn will be associated with fun and excitement which will automatically lead to more success.

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