Make Your Summer Productive With SAT Prep Courses

For many students, summer means fun no homework and away from the pressures of school. However, for juniors and seniors, summer could be turned into a big opportunity to prepare for something big.

The stress of college admission exams can be easily overcome with through preparation. Summer gives you the perfect time to prepare for these tests so that you can ace them with flying colors.

As you may know, it is getting harder and harder to stand out from the rest of the students who are applying for the same college as the one you would like to go to. It is very important to brush up on the skills that you need to be able to cope with the SAT, especially the redesigned format that is known to be more difficult and very different from the previous version. Here are some of the things that you can do to make your summer productive:

1. Read. With the redesigned SAT, students are tested on how they can draw conclusions and relationships between passages. This means that, more than just vocabulary, students will be tested on comprehension and understanding. One way to develop this skill (as well as increasing your reading speed) is to continuously read. Read novels, newspapers and articles anything! Training yourself to understand context from the articles you read will be a big help for the SAT reading and writing portion.

2. Practice. Ever heard of the phrase, Practice makes perfect. This applies to taking your SAT as well. Take several short tests every day to hone your skills in test-taking.

3. Get professional tutors. Many students fall into the trap of believing that they can study on their own. However, in most cases, students need help from people who knows how the SAT works and what specific topics to focus on to maximize the study process. Professional tutoring programs like the ones offered by C2 Education help students get a more structured and more focused study plan in preparation for the college admission tests.

C2s SAT Prep program will help you prepare for the SAT academically, emotionally and psychologically. Our programs are fully customized to each student because we acknowledge the fact that each student has different aptitudes, study habits and ability to cope with stress.

C2s SAT Prep programs starts with a full diagnostic evaluation of the students and consultation with the program director. The diagnostic test will reveal the students academic performance as well as his or her goals. This is important for us to assess the students strengths and weaknesses as well as areas to improve. More than that, C2 tutors help students strengthen their core skills in reading, writing and mathematics as well as teaching them life-long strategies when it comes to studying and managing stress. These learnings are crucial in helping them cope with college life.