Management Matrix, Money Model, Metamorphosis and Dream Merchant

Management Matrix, Money Model, Metamorphosis and Dream Merchant

The dream merchant came that night {CAT entrance} before my eye and casually asked me the cause of my over indulgence in studies. Somewhat shocked, I told with an affirmative countenance that why he is asking the question of which he already knows the answer! A loud compelling baritone evolved from his otherwise subtle presence, “The Management Matrix has you”. I asked him what that means and he reverted with echoed thespian laughter, “believe what you want to believe.”

This matrix has been there all the time, the classic ‘Trishul’ featuring eternal Amitabh Bacchan, aggressively relating to Late Sanjeev Kumar in a melodramatic footage by telling him that that he doesn’t knows how to do the business and cites the reasons. Sanjeev Kumar, supposedly a hard-core entrepreneur faces an impromptu situational shock. The management strategy theme was there in blockbusters in 70’s and the concept is contemporary and on a high growth curve; enacted until now, be it Hollywood or Bollywood, with huge success if I might add!

India is ever growing economically in this decade and the demographic of the MBA aspirants has been growing exponentially. The demand and supply exchange of various organizational hierarchies has never been so smooth and quick. They dream to be rich, competitive and happening in few years with the jobs with world leader business institutions. Is there some flaw with the thought or the aspiration pattern? No, fortunately, there is none! A bright future waits for all of us once we get plugged in this matrix. This point of accepting as well as realizing the veracity of our prospective potential and the comprehension of atmosphere we constitute within and then dream with this “merchant” in accordance!

From the late 19th century, USA experienced aggressive industrialization, companies sought out scientific approaches to management, and hence the term “MBA” came into commencement in United States. The MBA degree has since achieved worldwide recognition. The business demands a very scientific and an analytical approach in contemporary context and the acceleration of the creative concepts poured in the business transactions are numerous. Rapid advancements in technology, communication, changes in customer behavior, higher expectations from financial investors, a wide curve of disposable income among consumer, competition etc. are placing tremendous and often paradoxical demands on the top management of corporations. To deal with such expectation from the market and the consumer has changed the approach of most top organizations and they are on constantly lookout for young sharp minds who would add a value to their organization by accomplishing the objectives, mission and vision.

This necessitates the individuality of a graduate to join the lucrative option of MBA while perceiving the financial rewards, challenges and that innate need to accept those daring myriad situations and get that “winner” feeling.  Although deciding on the most appropriate MBA program can be a daunting task, it is undoubtedly worth the time and endeavor to research the market thoroughly before making any final choice to study in a particular college.

Metamorphosis of a graduate of any discipline into an academically programmed robot is just acceptable by family and friends. This is the primary flaw, wherein an aspirant feels that endless study schedule would make that transition possible, but that is not the case, especially with the CAT! There is a huge lack of the lateral thinking process, which has to be evolved as to get that “attitude” in full flow.

The biggest myth in Indian-subcontinent is about the so-called “good” and “bad” colleges. It is hilarious when a student asks one of his friends about a specific college being good or bad. We are into this absolute perception about ranked colleges alone and no one ever takes some time with that introspection about their individual potential curve. The stereotype argument that the value of an MBA only depends on which school you attend. I completely disagree as my domestic and international experience has proved to me that organizations value the initiative taken by the candidates to advance their education, no matter where they went to school. The technical educative body, with an adequate infrastructure in practice as well as practice, should recognize the school, and that matters. Irrespective of the ranks or the numbers attributed, most of the colleges have a good infrastructure, library, acute curriculum as per the norms of the technical body, which provides these colleges with a certification. The students are “good” or “bad” in academic terms or in the measure of the preference, they dispense and not the contrary as generally believed.

So, today is the ardent need for a thick percentage of students to take counseling and to derive a clear idea about the choices they are keen to make. One has to keep one’s potential, willingness to do that “hard work” and real assessment of capability on one side of the pan and the range of college/exams on the other side of the pan to strike a neat balance. This is what management is all about, I personally feel, to be able to decipher pre-handedly about the expected situation and moving along with vision to compete with it. In my opinion, a student is himself the best judge of his potential and the specific exam “character”, and should be able to operate that character to optimize the result in the choices made above. CAT is the test of width and depth, MAT is the test of speed, XAT is inclined to suit the Logical and reasoning part of brain, SNAP is the flavor containing English as orientation along with the current affairs positioning. Therefore, the list can go on and on and for a student it is important to realize which exam suits them or complements them in impeccable fashion. My suggestion to the prospective students is to realize their aptitude and potential and then make a plan to suit their academic character.

The dream merchant was righteous after all. I heard the old-fashioned alarm clock and suddenly got up, sweating and anxious, and to my amazement, he had disappeared without a trace before I could realize it was a dream or real situation, seemed I was lost in time, endless dream! Indeed, like thousands of other CAT aspirants the management matrix had me as well, with money in my head and the metamorphosis I had undergone in these crucial months.