My Teacher,,, My Hero

My Teacher,,, My Hero

I was then a fifth grader. It was the first day of school; everyone was in a tizzy to meet old friends and to make new friends, including me. Everyone was busy acquainting with each other. Few minutes past, a woman comes into sight, suited in black terno, looking fierce and austere. There was our teacher, standing tall at the door, staring closely at each one of us. I feared her for the first couple of months. I thought she was my worst nightmare. I barely see her smile. All she did was to give homework, pop-up quiz for almost the entire school-year. I did what I had to do in order for her not to notice me in an atrocious way.

On a slow pace, my thoughts about her began to turn upside down. I began to see why and wherefore she projects a character. I realized, she has her own unique way to bond with her students, to understand and reverberate their feelings and emotions. She communicates with her students in a way we would understand. She is compassionate when we are down and to give kudos when we are up.

She is open to change. She recognizes tradition as well as new ways, new ideas, new systems and new approaches. She doesn’t put obstacles in anyone’s way by being cloaked and is open to other’s ideas. She is a window through which many young people will see their future. She motivates her students by being creative and inspirational in her teachings, making her stand out from the others. She knows when to crack an ice breaker and when to set limits.

She is calm, paradoxical to who I thought she was. She is very well-informed that each of her students has different life experiences and has to be handled in unique ways. She was the least among all the people, whom I have thought, can de-stress me and my classmates yet again.

She taught us respect. She taught us that no one is more important in this world than anyone else. She taught us that whatever respect you show to others gives you back the respect you deserve. She made us realize our potentials, helped us developed our talents, skills and abilities. She helped us grow and become who we are now great people with respectable careers. 

She always gives good word to the wise. She listens more and gives small advice which could turn our thoughts into better ideas. She let us think outside the box. A very versatile worker who knows each of her students needs and addresses them in suitable ways.

The sacrifice needed to put herself aside and engage us, young minds, she will know only for a short span of time is  immense. Great teachers are born and not made but they are an important part of our lives and the good they share in the world lives on and will spread out through the gifts they impart on their students.