Home Invasion Safety Tips

Home Invasion Safety Tips

In one of my previous articles I gave a brief overview on what a home invasion is and why many of them happen. In this article though, I want to give some helpful tips that you can use to lay the groundwork for becoming prepared for a home invasion.

Tip Number 1: Take every precaution possible when someone rings your doorbell or knocks at the door.

This may seem a little overboard for most people, but this is one of the biggest causes for home invasion.

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Bethune-Cookman University

Bethune-Cookman University

Offering 37 degrees in various streams, Bethune-Cookman University has one of the widest ranges of subjects for aspirant undergraduate students. Founded in 1978 this institute has now graduated into one of the finest in the States. 

Originally known as the Bethune Cookman College or BCC the Btehune-Cookman University is now known as BCU in brief. Offering degrees in as many as 37 streams for the students that include multiple wings of education, it has become a university offering the widest varieties of academic degrees for trainees.

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How To Make A Baking Soda Volcano

How To Make A Baking Soda Volcano

If you are looking for information on how to make a baking soda volcano, you have come to the right place. Whether you are building this for the purpose for a science project at school, you are having a themed party or you just want to “show off” your baking soda volcano making skills, you can get a volcano up very quickly following a few simple steps.

How does it work

Baking soda is a base substance and vinegar is a very acidic substance…when you combine the two, you get a very memorable demonstration of chemistry.

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The Classroom Dynamic

The Classroom Dynamic

What do a psychologist, a McDonalds manager, a bar tender, and a secretary have in common? They can all be aggregated to the ever-changing dynamic that is the College / University classroom. There are many different types of people that inhabit the classroom in this day and age. The suck-up, the teacher’s pet, the slacker, the mom looking for a better education to support her children, the father that wants to make his children proud; they all have their side of the spectrum.

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A Guide to Paying For School: Finding Free Money For College

    The Yearly Dilemma

      One of the big issues facing most potential college students is money. Whether it is money for tuition, books or simply living expenses, most college students have faced this issue during their academic career–in fact, the search for college money begins anew each year. Although there is not one simple program or method to keep you out of all potential financial situations, there are some tactics that you can try to help during times of trouble or to prepare for future financial issues.

    Your Initial Strategy

    There are some very basic items that you need to do before you examine any other form of funding.

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