Part-Time Jobs For Students

Part-Time Jobs For Students

Seeking part-time employment is one of the first things that International students do when they come to Australia. Whether it be to add to their pocket money or to support their lifestyle, students need to make some extra cash, and what’s more, the Australian government fully encourages that and allows students to work for a fixed number of hours every week.

Many Australian colleges and universities have career centers for students where they can go and look for employment. These career centers advertise job vacancies and students can apply for a job accordingly. These career centers also help students to write their written applications and provide information on approved payment rates. Besides a career centre, students can also find jobs via advertisements in newspapers, employment agencies or Job Network.

A large majority of students take up jobs in the hospitality sector – in cafes, pubs, restaurants and bars. Other jobs for students include that of a part-time shop assistant, bartender, tutor, department store worker, bartender, cleaner, multiplex staff etc. There are even some international students who secure jobs as translators. Basically, students in Australia are permitted to take up virtually any kind of profession for their part-time jobs. Moreover, each of these jobs have their unique “perks”!

There are a huge number of benefits of working part-time in Australia. Apart from earning the extra cash, students get to widen their social circle by making new friends at their workplaces. International students also get to improve their communication skills and proficiency in English. This gives them social exposure and work experience which is of utmost importance in today’s job market.

Students who have work experience naturally become more confident and don’t hesitate to shoulder responsibility. They learn how to deal with different situations. On the whole, students who work part-time become far more worldly-wise and gain a lot more than a little bit of extra cash to spend from their jobs. A part-time job can also be considered very much a part of the entire education experience in Australia because it teaches students a whole lot of things that text books cannot.