Successful Study Habits

Successful Study Habits

For students to be successful at school or college they have to accept the responsibility of working hard. They have to prioritize their activities in order of importance and they should not allow anyone to decide and set an agenda for them. They have to wisely use the time and the resources available to them to achieve their goals.

All successful students have had positive study strategies which they apply across the curricula in school. They utilize their time efficiently by following a manageable working schedule at home or school, which gives them adequate time daily for studying. The alloted time is used for test preparation, completing a project, or for researching on an assignment. A successful student applies successful study habits. Students have to condition themselves and habitually use the set time on a daily basis, so that it becomes a customary practice.

Before a student begins to study, he should have a clear mental picture of his objectives for studying a particular discipline, be it Mathematics, Social Studies, or a foreign language, and what they hope to achieve at the end. A student should never postpone work which could be accomplished now. Steady hardwork is one of the main successful study habits. Laziness is a quality for those who do not wish to succeed. One has to prepare to fail, if he does not prepare to study.

Make sure that you can master the pre- requisite skills for the new topic by knowing the content of the previous topic. Make the necessary linkage and learning becomes simple. When a student encounters difficulty, he should seek help from his teacher, his parent, or from another student who is capable of helping. Sometimes a student can organize study groups with his classmates who are serious about studying, and who do not consider study time as frolicking time. Some schools also have study centers where counsellers advise students on study skills.

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation play an important role in delevoping successful study habits. A highly motivated student is always in a readiness frame of mind to study, because their dreams are on the achievement of their set educational goals. When studying, a student should be in an environment that is comfortable and congenial to study, with no interruption or distraction at all. A student cannot study effectively while doing multiple activities at the same time. As a result of this, it is advisable for a student to refrain from viewing his favorite television program, or texting and chatting with friends while studying.. However, some students study best in a setting where there is soft classical music being played, or perhaps their favorite soft moderate music.

There are other study techniques that students can implement to develop more successful study habits. Being able to read and comprehend well is an important technique in being successful in their studies. For students to perform excellently in their class work and on their tests they have to train themselves to concentrate and center their interest on the study task at hand, and omit thoughts from which they cannot benefit. A student needs to have the physical strength in order to study for a reasonable length of time. Study time must be punctuated with breaks for short periods of rest.

When a student has a research project to complete, he should tap into all the resources available, for example, the library, the internet, and knowledgeable individuals. Ambitious students are always punctual and attentive in class. They make informed contributions in class discussions, and are meticulous in their note taking. Concerned students use mnemonics and flash cards to assist them in remembering the topics that they have studied. Lastly, always select your best convenient time for studying , whether early in the morning or at night, but use whatever time you select very productively.