The Solar System For Children

The Solar System For Children

Tips to teaching the solar system for children.

Few topics are more exciting for children than learning about the solar system. Likewise. few are more frustrating to teach. Hopefully I can ease your frustration and give you a few tips on teaching the solar system for children.

Teaching the solar system for children tip #1: Determine how your child learns. Some children are visual learners and absorb information more readily when you deliver it in a visual format. Pictures, graphs and videos work wonders for these types of kids. If your child is a visual learner then focus on preparing an experience that they can see. You will have better results and most importantly, your child will be happier learning. Other children prefer to learn by reading the material, perhaps while you are also reading it out loud to them. How your child learns should determine how you present the material to him or her.

Teaching the solar system for children tip #2: Structure, structure, structure. Real estate agents will tell you that the most important aspect of their business is location, location, location. When it comes to educating children the most important aspect is structure, structure, structure. Set up a plan, or purchase one and follow it. It’s OK to let your child run with things when they are super eager and willing to learn, but when they are struggling to learn it is important to have structure. The easiest way to start is to just list the planets, decide what you would like to teach your child about each of them and go from there. It sounds like common sense, but most parents don’t take the time to plan out their teaching strategy before they start to engage their child.

Teaching the solar system for children tip #3: Get outside. It is one thing to learn about the solar system via the Internet, text books and videos and completely another to get outside and see it for real. Grab an inexpensive telescope or even a pair of binoculars (you’d be amazed what you can see through binoculars) and spend some time together enjoying the outdoors and the hobby of astronomy.

Teaching the solar system for children tip #4: Be interactive. Find websites where your child can interact with a virtual model of the solar system or use conventional games to make the learning experience more than a one-way street. Setup a Monopoly game, but change the properties into elements of our solar system. Who doesn’t want to own the moon? Everyone loves to play games. If you can make learning an enjoyable experience then both you and your child will have greater success. There are many excellent computer programs out there that can virtually take to the planets in our solar system. Kids love computers and just the thought of flying through space puts a smile on just about every child’s face. Many programs can be purchased for under $50.Not only will your child have fun, but they will spend hours doing so while they learn astronomy online .

Teaching the solar system to children tip #5: Find a blog that is written by someone in your same situation. Chances are that they have overcome the hurdles that now face you. Experience is a great teacher.