What Do You Do When A Footing Is Poured In The Wrong Place

What Do You Do When A Footing Is Poured In The Wrong Place

I am sitting under my patio thinking of an article to write when I remembered that some of the problems we had to overcome in the field. One in particular stands out today. We were working on a job with many buildings it was a new project. The engineer was a new member of our organization and wanted to lay out a concrete footing by himself, instead of working with us to do the layout, as we were laying out foundation walls for the carpenters to put up the forms on another building.

The Engineer laid out the footing and had the footing crew form it then ordered the concrete and poured the footing without our approval. He was new employee and wanted to show us how to install footings quickly. Well after the footing was poured the Project Supervisor and myself went over to see if everything looked OK with the footing. I was a Carpenter foreman on this job. Even though the engineer was supposed to help us with the layout we were still responsible for the project.

We walked the footing as it was a large building about 200 x 80 everything looked good until we looked at the last short side it did not look square, but we thought it was an optical illusion, so we measured out a 15x 20 x 25 triangle to see if the corner was square. That leg was 4 out of square the length of the footing.

The Supervisor and me went to the trailer and approached the engineer about the footing he had poured and told him that he was at least 4 feet out of square on one side of the building. His face turned white and wanted to know what could be done. We sent him home and told him it will be fixed in the morning.

We measured the two long sides and found that one was over 4 feet longer than the other, so we cut out the amount of concrete that was in the way on the longer side, cut the footing form back. We removed the stakes of the footings that was in the wrong place and put new footing stakes in where the footing should have been.

We had the keys for a D-6 dozer that was on the job. Started that machine up and gently pushed the footing with the concrete in it to the stakes that are in the proper place. This operation took us about an hour and a half although we were working overtime to take care of the problem.

We turned a disaster into a slight problem . This is how we took care of a footing that was poured in the wrong place. I would like to hear from other crafts people that have problems like this happen to them and how they solved their problem.