Why Keep Notes When Your A OPM On Building Construction Projects

Why Keep Notes When Your A OPM On Building Construction Projects

We will discuss the reason for keeping good notes on a project when youre an Owner Project Manager or Clerk of the Works for construction Projects.

Over the past 10 years I have been involved in building construction projects as a Clerk of the Works and OPM. It became very clear to me while I was a Construction supervisor for building construction projects that good notes make it easy to find out what can be done to overcome problems when one arises on the project, such as materials coming in improperly prepped for installation. That is why I still maintain good notes now that I am a consultant for owners during construction of their projects.

The first thing that happens when a problem arises all the contractors involved start pointing fingers and usually they are pointed at the Supervisor, OPM, Design professionals or Owners, so if you have a good paper trail of what transpired up to that point of the job where the problem arose then backtrack it will usually lead to the point where the line of communication was disrupted and thus improper data was given to the organization that was doing the prepping for materials that were ordered for the job in this case.

Another use for notes that were kept during the building project come into play when after the project is put into service and say a new office needs to be built or some space has to be changed because of new equipment. Going back to the job notes may help organization in the space determine the feasibility the remodel. They will be able to go back to the project notes to see if anything was noted that could impact their new design, if something changed from the drawing there will be notes on that also, or a change in materials or wall sections all these should be covered by notes.

Included in the notes that are taken during the construction process will be budgets for labor costs materials for change orders, The Owner Project Manager or Clerk of the Works should do a budget for all change orders not just take the contractors word for how long something will take or how much the total cost for a change order will be the Owners consultant should have a good handle on what the Change orders should cost.

In closing I would like to say that it is imperative that good notes be kept during building construction projects by the Clerk of the Works or the Owner Project Manager, so that in the event that something comes in improperly prepped the paper trail will show where the malfunction occurred. When renovations are needed the note would serve as a good starting point for a design professional to start building construction drawings for the organization that needs the upgrade.